PPC Services That Drive Immediate Results

If you’re looking for a team capable of designing and executing an effective PPC campaign, our PPC Services team is right for you. We’ve helped some of the world’s biggest brands and smallest startups leverage PPC to drive targeted traffic to their websites, delivering increased lead volume and short-term revenue growth. 

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Successful PPC Campaigns require thorough research, careful planning, and expert execution by a team that understands your brand, your competition, and the nuances of pay-per-click advertising. Brand analysis, competitive intelligence, keyword research, ad design, and campaign optimization must all be executed at a high level to produce results from a PPC campaign.


Why Our PPC Services Are Right For You


PPC Advertising can easily become extremely expensive, and results are never guaranteed. If you’re not well-versed in the nuances specific to the pay-per-click medium, you risk low conversion rates, high acquisition costs, and overwhelming pressure from your competitors.

Our in-house PPC Services Team has a collective 50 years’ experience designing, executing, and optimizing PPC Campaigns at a high level. We put that experience to work for you by creating and executing campaigns that make the most of your campaign budget.

Live Data = Transparency & Results

We create live dashboards for every PPC Services client. These dashboards give our team (and you) an up-to-the-minute view of your campaign’s performance. Tracking impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost in real-time allows us to relentlessly pursue positive campaign ROI, and gives you piece of mind by ensuring you know exactly what your investment is producing.

Dedicated PPC Services Campaign Managers

We give every client the one-on-one attention you deserve. When you sign up for our PPC services, you’re assigned a dedicated account manager whose job is to ensure that your campaign is successful and you’re always updated on our activities.

We realize that trusting an outside team with your PPC campaign often feels like a leap of faith, and we work hard to ensure that your trust is never misplaced.

What To Expect With Our PPC Services

Hiring a marketing agency for PPC Services is often seen as a risky process. We’ve designed our campaign process to eliminate the roadblocks that other PPC providers present their clients with, allowing us to give every client a stress-free, positive experience.

Brand Analysis

The first step in every PPC client’s journey is brand analysis. We review your marketing strategy and interview you to develop a deep understanding of your overall strategy, growth goals, business needs, sales process, and brand identity. This due diligence sets the stage for us to create a PPC campaign that will surpass your expectations.

Competitive Research

Before you can spend your own PPC budget, you need to know how your competitors are spending theirs. We use a suite of advanced PPC competitive analysis software tools to discover which keywords your competitors are bidding on, how much they’re bidding, which pages they’re driving traffic to, and what they’re saying in their ads. We use this data as a competitive benchmark, and update it throughout your PPC campaign.

User Research

Often called keyword research, our user research stage is designed to discover the search patterns and behavior of your target audience. We use a variety of tools to learn which questions your audience is asking online, what devices they use most, and when they’re the most active online.

Campaign Setup

With a wealth of data in-hand, we get to the nuts-and-bolts of our PPC Service offering by beginning campaign setup. Using the information gathered during our preliminary research, we design a PPC campaign that targets keywords in a strategic manner, with a focus on relevance and budget optimization. This stage includes building your final keyword list, setting bid strategies and budgets, writing ad copy, and creating any necessary landing pages.


Our PPC Services are not of the “set it and forget it” variety. Like any other digital advertising method, PPC campaigns can be vastly improved if the team executing the campaign measures performance constantly, and uses data to make key campaign improvements over time. We monitor your campaign on a daily basis using our live dashboards, keeping tabs on how users and competitors react to your ads. We then make regular updates to keywords, bid strategies, ad copy, and landing pages to improve the ROI of your PPC investment over time.

How To Get Started With Our PPC Services

Good news- it’s easy to get your PPC Campaign started! Every PPC client starts with a no-cost initial consultation. We’ll discuss your campaign goals and budget with you, and develop a PPC service package that fits your needs. Our packages are designed to fit any campaign or budget, whether you’re a startup or a large company.

To take the first step towards partnering with Risr’s PPC team, simply click below and submit your contact information. We look forward to serving you.

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