wasting money seo services

You’re probably wasting money on SEO Services.

We all know that search engines are a massive potential source of impressions, traffic, and sales. Even if you’re not a marketer, you know that you want to show up in results when people enter search terms that are related to what you do. If you control your company’s marketing budget, there’s a good chance you’re paying for SEO services. If so, you’re likely wasting your money.

The reason for that is simple- today’s SEO Services are synonymous with an excellent digital marketing strategy. To rank highly in search results, you need a digital marketing strategy that is firing on all cylinders, only one of which can be clearly defined as SEO.

If you’re a marketer or business owner, you’re probably wondering what I’ve had to drink today, and where you can get some for yourself. Before you write me off as a mad man, let me explain why SEO isn’t worth your time or money without a digital marketing strategy that is planned and executed at the highest level.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a tactic that is intended to push your website and it’s various pages higher in search results. In the past, there were a great deal of things that needed to be done as part of your marketing strategy to accomplish this task, and those things didn’t really fit into existing marketing roles or responsibilities. As a result, thousands of marketers studied how search engines index and rank websites, and created an industry out of gaming the system as much as possible. The best among these people have made a tidy income for themselves over the past decade or so.

The fact is that search engine providers never intended to reward those who studied their algorithms and took advantage of them. The real intent of a search engine provider is to provide the most relevant and useful results to their users. There was a time where you could beat the algorithms and reach the top of search results without being the most useful or relevant result out there. That time is ending.

Today’s search engine algorithms are more capable of achieving their original mission than ever before. With every update to their algorithms, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are improving their platforms’ ability to recognize what’s truly useful and relevant.

So, if SEO’s purpose is to put your brand at the top of search results, and search engines are more capable than ever of accurately reflecting usefulness and relevancy in their rankings, then shouldn’t SEO’s core objective be to ensure that your brand is the most relevant and useful to your target audience?

Sounds great, right? Next, we need to ask ourselves “How do I become the most relevant and useful to my audience?”

Here’s how:

Prevent Frustration
Ensure that your audience is able to explore your product’s value and engage with your brand without frustration.

Create a product or service that solves a real problem for your audience.

Understand Competitors
Understand your competitors’ solutions, and work to ensure yours remains the best option.

Deliver Value
Deliver value to your audience at every stage of the buying journey.


Listen to your audience (and your customers.)

Engage your audience on their terms and communicate the value you’ve created for them.

When we break it down like that, it sure seems like “SEO Services” just means “marketing” these days. When we consider how a brand should leverage marketing (both digital and traditional) to grow, the list above serves as a pretty comprehensive checklist. If your marketing team is executing an effective strategy, they’re doing most of these things already. If they’re doing it with discipline and consistency, search engines will notice and rank your website accordingly.

The truth is that you can’t have SEO without effective marketing. If your marketing is effective, SEO is 99% handled. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity that search engines represent, focus on implementing an effective digital marketing strategy. If you’re not relentlessly pursuing a market position as the most valuable and relevant solution to your audience’s problems, no amount of money thrown at SEO services will help you grow your business.

Before you throw another dime at SEO services, make sure you’ve got these things in place, at a minimum:

  • A clearly defined problem or challenge that you’re solving
  • A product or service that solves that problem in a way that no one else does (or just does it better).
  • A succinct value proposition
  • A clearly defined target audience
  • A detailed map of your audience’s journey towards becoming your customer
  • A documented audience engagement strategy (social media, conferences, outbound sales, etc)
  • A detailed profile of every major competitor in your market


With these things in place, SEO suddenly becomes as simple as optimizing website content and architecture and performing research to validate your ideas regarding your audience’s problems, concerns, and challenges.
If you’re not sure how to make certain that  your digital marketing strategy is planned and executed at the highest level, perhaps it’s wise to partner with someone who can help. The team here at Risr Marketing specializes in developing successful digital strategies for brands in every industry. I encourage you to reach out to us and take advantage of our free strategy consultation, which will help set you on the best path forward.

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