Using Chatbots To Humanize Brand Engagement At Scale

Engagement is a key focus for any marketer. In the digital realm, marketers are often faced with managing engagement across multiple channels simultaneously, a challenge that becomes particularly frustrating when operating 24/7 on a global scale. Recently, forward-thinking brands have turned to artificial intelligence, namely chatbots, to streamline engagement at scale.

What Are Chatbots?

Put simply, a chatbot is a program that combines artificial intelligence with a direct communications medium to support real-time, human-like conversation with a target audience. Chat bots are used in a variety of ways, including inside Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and business websites. Chat bots allow brands to respond to and interact with their audience even when there’s no one at work, such as on weekends or during a holiday. Because they’re computer-driven, they can handle millions of interactions simultaneously, providing a cost-effective answer to the problem of engaging with a large audience.

How Can Marketers Use Chatbots?

There are a variety of ways that marketers can use chat bots, including:

ecommerce chatbots

Guided Sales

What if you could have a conversation with every person looking at your ecommerce website, and help them find the perfect product based on their tastes and needs? With a chatbot, this seemingly impossible task becomes quite easy to accomplish, even for the largest online retailers. A chatbot can ask website visitors about what they’re looking for, and can even use their browsing behavior and answers to provide targeted recommendations.

Social Conversation

While most brands are focused on public, one-to-many social interaction, research shows that one-to-one interaction via social media is far more likely to influence purchasing behavior in a positive way. Using chatbots, you can react to customers’ inquiries in real time, and use machine learning to guide your audience towards a desired action, such as filling out a lead form or making a purchase.

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Providing real-time support can boost a brand’s reputation online, and influence clients to speak positively about their experiences with you. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands per year on a 24/7 support team, brands can use chat bots to provide around-the-clock support for most issues. This use of chat bots has been shown to greatly increase customer retention, product satisfaction, and client referrals.

Getting Started With Chatbots

It’s easier than ever to get started with chatbots for your website or social media accounts. If you’ve got a bit of programming experience, you can build your own using a tool like IMified, or you can hire a firm specializing in chat bot development. If you want your chatbot to be limited to basic question-and-answer queries, a DIY approach can be feasible, although it will require a bit of development prowess. If you want your chatbot to be able to learn from users’ actions and input and offer proactive responses, it’s wise to partner with a developer who can build your chat bot for you.

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Your Brand?

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