Choosing Digital Marketing Services To Fit Your Budget

Investing in digital marketing services is a no-brainer for today’s business leaders. We live in a digital age, and having an effective internet presence is more important than ever before. More than a billion people use the internet every day to connect with brands offering products and services they need, which means your digital presence could be the key to your long-term success.

If digital marketing’s importance is so indisputable, why are so many companies failing to leverage it? In an informal survey of our own clients, we discovered that budget is a key inhibitor.

Our clients tell us that while it would be nice to deploy a fully integrated, multi-channel digital marketing strategy, budget limitations often prevented them from doing so in the past, and led to hesitation. Before they could move forward with any digital marketing service, they first had to prioritize various marketing channels and methods based on their needs and budget.

To help other companies do the same, we’re exploring the most common digital marketing services out there, and providing insights regarding how different companies can begin leveraging a digital strategy with a limited budget.

Common Digital Marketing Services

There are six digital marketing services that are commonly used by growing businesses new to digital strategy. While each of these has a place in a fully-developed digital strategy, companies just dipping their toes into the digital ocean need to understand where each service fits into the greater marketing picture, and know which digital marketing services are most useful to them in the short term.

The digital marketing services that most companies use at one point or another:

Which Digital Marketing Service Fits You Today?

Let’s look at four common company profiles, and the digital marketing services that should be top priorities for them.


Many startups are faced with the challenges of building a brand on a budget. When you’re starting from square one, you’ve got to place an emphasis on digital marketing services that will benefit you in the short term while putting you in a position to drive further growth in the long term.

Website Development

As a startup, building a website is the first step in your digital marketing journey. If your budget has room for just one digital marketing service, choose to hire a qualified firm to build a website that communicates your brand’s unique value and position. Focus on establishing a website that will serve as a hub for your future digital marketing efforts, and will serve as a key conversion point in your audience’s buying process.

Social Media

Engaging your target audience is a key to building brand awareness and driving growth. As a startup, it’s wise to identify social media platforms that are relevant to your brand and audience, and begin developing a strategy to take advantage. Social media marketing services can help you jumpstart your growth without breaking the bank.

Content Marketing

As a new brand, you’ve got to put effort into establishing credibility and leadership in your industry. Content marketing services will help you demonstrate your expertise while also drawing your target audience closer to your products and services. Content marketing is a fantastic investment for a startup due to the fact that it will also help your SEO strategy succeed in the long term.

Local Business

Businesses serving local customers are often faced with stiff competition. If your audience is local, there are a few digital marketing services that can help you stand out.


More people are discovering local businesses online than ever before. Searches on smartphones are more valuable to local businesses than ever before, with more than half of those who search for a local business on a smartphone making an in-store visit within 24 hours. By investing in SEO, you can make sure that your local business shows up when people in your area search online. If you don’t invest in anything else, consider SEO a must-have digital marketing service for your local business.

Social Media

The best local businesses keep their past customers engaged and loyal. In the past, in-store rewards and discounts were the primary ways to keep customers coming back, but social media makes the task easier than ever before. By investing in social media marketing services, you can begin to engage with your customer base outside of your physical location, fueling loyalty and referral traffic.


Software companies rely on digital marketing more than companies in any other industry. While there are easily a dozen digital marketing services that can be considered important if you’re trying to grow your software brand, two stand out as essential commitments.

Content Marketing

Software buyers are among the world’s most difficult to convert. In fact, some companies take up to a year to evaluate and choose new software products! It’s for that reason that content marketing is an essential digital marketing service if you’re in the software industry. Through content marketing, you can educate a discerning target audience, and help them decide whether what you offer is right for them.

Email Marketing

The extended purchasing process in the software industry means that potential customers need to be nurtured for weeks, months, and sometimes years. Email marketing services can help you stay in front of prospects until they’re ready to buy.

Established Companies

Even established companies find themselves looking to leverage digital marketing to drive further growth. If your business is already successful and is looking to take the next step in your journey, there are a few digital marketing services that should be considered top priorities.

Digital Advertising

Being an established brand often means you’ve got a bit more budget to work with than a startup. As a result, you can jump start your digital marketing success with digital advertising services, such as search engine marketing, retargeting, and social media advertising. These digital marketing services will put your brand in front of potential buyers across the internet, driving engagement at critical stages of the buying journey.


People search for established brands and their competitors online. By investing in SEO services, you can make sure that your company shows up at the top of search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. This digital marketing service is a long-term play that will set the stage for years of success for your company.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is useful digital marketing service for established companies who want to shorten sales cycles, expand to new audiences, or overcome competitive pressure. By leveraging content, you can cement your company as an industry leader and innovator, helping your digital strategy succeed.


No matter how big your company or your audience is, digital marketing services can help you grow. While choosing those first digital efforts can feel paralyzing, understand that every digital strategy serves a different purpose. Knowing which services to start with can help you win in the short term while putting you in a position to accelerate long-term growth in a sustainable way.

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