Digital marketing has become the focus of many brands’ growth strategies in recent years. While traditional B2B advertising methods, such as trade shows and publications, are still effective, the growth of digital and social media has made it possible for brands to reach organizational buyers at their desks and in their homes. This level of access has changed the way we approach B2B advertising, with brands spending more on digital marketing every year.

In this post, we’re going to examine B2B digital advertising. Unlike SEO and content marketing, digital advertising can provide short-term results, making it a viable strategy for brands who need early returns from their digital investments.

B2B Social Media Advertising

While B2C brands seem to thrive on social media advertising, far fewer B2B advertising strategies are addressing it. This may be due to the fact that many B2B marketers see social media as too casual for their brands, and therefore irrelevant to their marketing strategies. However, we’ve found that social media can be an effective part of a B2B advertising strategy when implemented correctly.

Aside from LinkedIn, social networks are viewed as a casual place to see what others are up to and consume media for entertainment. While this may lead you to believe that social networks aren’t the right place to correct with a B2B audience, the truth is that engagement is possible and useful if you’re working within the context of your targets’ mindset.

When planning a social media campaign as part of your B2B advertising strategy, understand that going for the hard sell won’t work on social media. Instead, focus on using your social media ads to boost brand awareness, which is a high priority for more than 80% of B2B brands. Oftentimes, we’ve found that we can fuel successful social media advertising campaigns by creating entertaining content that, while not product focused, puts our client’s brand in front of their target audience. When measuring these sort of campaigns as part of an integrated digital funnel, we’ve found that they have a positive impact on lead generation and sales growth over time.

B2B Search Engine Advertising

Search engines are the primary source of website traffic for B2B brands. However, building organic traffic with search engine optimization can take years. When you need growth this quarter, turn to search engine advertising, such as Adwords or Bing Ads (check out our post comparing the two platforms here).

The great thing about search engine ads is that context is far less restricted. In fact, it’s quite easy to build a campaign that targets keywords strongly associated with buying intent. Such a campaign will allow you to put your brand in front of your target audience at the perfect time- when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision.

Retargeting With Digital Advertising

While social media and search engines are effective top and bottom-funnel campaigns for B2B advertising, retargeting can be extremely valuable for engaging leads in between. In most cases, B2B buyers don’t become customers after a single visit to your website. With retargeting campaigns, you can stay in front of those who have visited your website by automatically placing digital ads on other websites that they frequent. This approach allows you to continue to engage your B2B prospects after that initial website visit, making it easier to drive them further into your funnel towards a purchase.

Like social media advertising, context is important when setting up a retargeting campaign. In fact, it’s smart to segment your retargeting campaigns based on where a prospect browsed on your website, so that your ads are relevant to their interests. It’s wise to consider the questions or concerns that your audience may have after first discovering you, and promote gated content or landing pages addressing those concerns via a retargeting campaign.

B2B Advertising is Easier Than You Think!

If you’ve never used digital advertising for your company, the various platforms and their associated options can be a bit intimidating. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, though! There are thousands of guides online that can help you get started.

Of course, partnering with an expert can reduce your financial risk and accelerate the success of your campaigns. If you’re looking to benefit from digital advertising and want quick results, consider getting in touch with us to discuss your options.


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