B2B digital marketing is more demanding than it’s ever been. New strategies and tactics emerge almost daily, and understanding which strategies are right for your brand can be challenging. While every B2B digital marketing strategy is unique, we’ve found that there are 5 core strategies that should be addressed in every company’s marketing plan. These strategies include:

  1. Build, optimize, & maintain a strong website
  2. Leverage organic & paid social media
  3. Use content marketing to fuel SEO, digital advertising, & social media
  4. Use SEO to build brand awareness & lead generation
  5. Generate short-term results with digital advertising

Read on to learn how and why your company can use these 5 strategies in your B2B digital marketing plan!

A Strong Website is the Focal Point of B2B Digital Marketing

Your website is the center of your digital marketing strategy. In 97% of cases, your website will play a major role in defining how a potential customer views your brand. If you want to succeed in B2B digital marketing, you need to build a website that positively reflects who and what you are and why your target audience should engage with you.

Understand that your website isn’t just a digital brochure for your company. It’s a key exposure and conversion point, and serves as the center pillar in your overall strategy. Your website should be designed with user flow and conversions in mind, and should be configured in such a way that you can use traffic, engagement, and conversion data to fuel your other digital campaigns.

A strong website is particularly important for small and medium companies. If built and managed properly, your website will help you compete with much larger competitors, leading to increased brand awareness, industry authority, and lead generation. If you don’t have an in-house web design team, it’s more affordable than ever to hire an agency to build your company’s website.


Social Media Builds Authority & Generates Leads

Social media is often overlooked in B2B digital marketing strategies. While social media marketing can be a challenge, an effective B2B social media strategy will pay dividends. Business buyers are more active on social media than ever before, with more than three quarters of buyers stating that their purchasing decisions are influenced by social media.

To leverage social media in your B2B marketing, consider which social network is best suited to your audience (it’s not ALWAYS LinkedIn) and develop a strategy that includes organic engagement and paid advertisement.


Content Marketing Fuels Authority, Awareness, and Sales

Buyers are more likely to trust brands that educate instead of selling at every opportunity. As a B2B marketer, you can use content marketing to share knowledge, industry insights, and best practices with your target audience, turning your brand into a trusted authority.

Content marketing should be central to your B2B digital marketing strategy, as it can serve as a powerful fuel for your SEO, Social Media, & Digital Advertising campaigns. Take the time to research your target audience, and build a content calendar that is centered on addressing the questions and concerns that your audience seeks answers to online. Develop new content on a consistent basis, and promote your content via multiple digital channels.

Use SEO To Drive Lead Generation

Search engine optimization is a long-term B2B digital marketing strategy that, if planned and executed properly, will pay dividends. More than 97% of B2B buyers perform research online prior to engaging with vendors, and a solid SEO strategy will ensure that  your website shows up when your audience conducts their initial research. Be aware that SEO requires constant effort to succeed- you’ll need to research audience search patterns and competitor activity, create new content (using your content marketing strategy), and actively promote your content on a regular basis in order to fully benefit from SEO.

Target Active Buyers With Digital Advertisements

While content, social media, and SEO put your brand in front of prospects during the early stages of the purchasing cycle, it’s equally important to stay in front of those business buyers who are actively seeking a solution. Digital advertising allows you to place your content and products in front of a highly targeted and active audience based on their past behavior or search activity. An effective B2B digital marketing strategy combines content marketing, SEO, and digital advertising to create a strategy that produces results in the short and long term.


Creating An Effective B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Isn’t Easy!

While the five strategies listed here should be addressed in every B2B digital marketing strategy, keep in mind that there are dozens, if not hundreds of other ways to leverage digital marketing to grow your business. Knowing which channels and campaigns to use and how to use them effectively will require careful analysis of your specific industry, audience, and competition. Taking the time to perform this analysis will allow you to create a strategy that will drastically improve your chances of success.

Need A Hand?

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