Have you ever felt like constantly finding new ideas for your content marketing calendar is an insurmountable task? In today’s digital landscape, you’ve got to pump out high-quality content at a breakneck pace to stand out. According to Hubspot, brands that blog at least twice a week enjoy more than three times as much website traffic when compared to brands that blog just once a week. If the benefits are that obvious, how do you keep the ball rolling? For many, the answer lies in using interview blog posts to create original, engaging content. In this post, we’ll explore why interviews are a valuable content marketing format, and offer tips on how you can use them to your advantage.

Why Interview Blog Posts Are Valuable

Interviews Humanize Your Content

People gravitate towards other people. One of the biggest challenges in content marketing is humanizing your content so that your audience will identify with it. When you use interviews to drive content creation, you center your message on a person, which makes the task measurably easier.

Interviews Help Build Brand Authority

Whether you’re in B2B or B2C, your potential customers prefer to buy from brands that they trust. In fact, Nielsen’s research shows that consumers in nearly every industry prefer to buy from brands that they feel familiar with. If you want to build your brand’s authority and recognition, you can use interviews to align yourself with influencers whose reputation will boost your own by association.

The Right Interviews Expose You To Relevant Audiences

In today’s connected world, individuals often have the power to influence millions. Scoring an interview with the right person in your industry can put your brand in front of their personal audience, often leading to impressions that would have taken years of work to reach otherwise.

How To Turn Interview Blog Posts Into Stellar Content

A simple Q&A session is great, but you can take certain steps to get the most out of your next interview. Here’s how:

Interview the Best

Finding the right subject for your interview blog post is the most critical contributor to your success. Remember that you want to work with someone that your audience identifies with and trusts, and ideally you’ll interview someone who has an audience of their own that you can tap into.

Do Your Homework Before The Interview

The best interviewers come prepared to ask probing questions that expose insights that the audience will latch onto. Before your interview, dig into your subject’s background and learn as much about them as you can. Doing so will allow you to bring up past projects, relevant affiliations, and other valuable tidbits that will make your content shine.

Use Video!

While a simple back-and-forth via email is easy and cost-effective, video content has quickly become the most valuable form of content marketing, and there’s something about seeing the face behind the answers that captures audiences’ attention. You can pre-record your interview to minimize the risk of technical complications, or do it live for a more authentic effect. In either case, you can craft a written transcript and post it along with the video as an interview blog post to turn it into a valuable piece of evergreen content.


Interview blog posts require more planning and effort than regular blog posts, but they’re far more valuable. When you sit down to prepare your content marketing calendar, consider which influencers in your niche could be of value to you, and put things in motion by reaching out to them. By interviewing the right people in an original and thought-provoking way, you add a strong tool to your content marketing arsenal which will exponentially improve your content strategy’s success over time.


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